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Welcome to Renaud Rutkowska

Committed to producing virtually imperceptible repairs
on exotic woods, marble, and precious decorative finishes

New office
in Palma de Mallorca

Please contact Malgo 
+33 (0)6 49 58 54 18
Rough Seas
Slow Season
Yacht for sale

    Ceiling panels down. Statue flew across the room, denting the floor.

   Guest forgot to use a coaster and let the hair curler burn the vanity.

 Charter or owner visit... next week

     Varnish getting a ghostly white in the Bridge.
   A fragile coral got knocked over. A seasonful of intense charter trips
left  the boat dented and scratched... 
all over

     This yacht needs to look its very best - quick repairs and camouflage
 are needed so it looks like... 
nothing happened          

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